Jo offers one-on-one mentoring to new yoga teachers fresh out of Yoga Teacher Training programs as well as seasoned yoga teachers who want feedback on their teaching style. Mentoring can be a way to bypass "learning the hard way" so you can avoid making mistakes in class that could harm your students! Each session includes 10 minutes of questions and answers, 30-45 minutes of you leading Jo through a class sequence, and written feedback on your teaching as well as recommendations for continuous improvement.

$120 for 90 minutes; $300 for three 90-minute sessions

Private Instruction

Private instruction is for anyone at any stage of their yoga journey! In a session, you’ll receive dedicated attention and support for your yoga practice as well as sequences designed specifically for your body. Offered as a one-time session, or weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, private yoga session can accommodate your busy lifestyle and schedule.
$120 for 90 minutes (in home); $150 for 90 minutes (at studio)